Web Series Block 3 Live – UGPFF 13

Friday December 13th 2013
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST (GMT -5)

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Research. – A web series – (USA) Comedy, RT 8:14
Director Adam Hall

An idiot wins the MacArthur Genius Grant and uses the money to open a research and testing facility.







Little Horribles – (USA) Comedy, LGBT RT 4:34 & 4:42
Director Amy York Rubin

A darkly comedic web series following the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian.



Destroy_the_alpah_gamma_posterDestroy the Alpha Gammas
 (USA) Comedy, RT 14:08
Director: Scott Brown

Driven by today’s biggest pop hits, the not so popular Delta Pi house vows to take down the Alpha Gammas who have terrorized them for years.

This isn’t glee club. This is Greek warfare.










Exchanging Confidences-  (Italy) Comedy, Mature/Adult RT 20:44


Two Gossip girls exchanging confidences about their female friends. All episodes are about sex problems with partners.










Maya screen grab
HELLA_Festival-Poster-1_FINAL_smHELL. A. – ‘Out of the Closet’
 – (USA) Comedy  RT 13:32
Directors:  Hunter Davis

(A New Original Comedy Series)
Three delusional friends from Cleveland move to Los Angeles to kick start their lives.








One For Ten – (UK) Reality Show, RT 6:18
Director: Will Francome and Mark Pizzey

One For Ten is an interactive series of films about innocent people that were on death row. This film looks at the case of Damon Thibodeaux who falsely confessed and spent 15 years on death row in Louisiana.









On Begley Street – (USA) Reality, Environmental , RT 9:00
Director: Raphael Sbarge

On Begley Street is a Web series that explores the building of North America’s greenest, most sustainable home. We will follow noted actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley and their daughter Hayden as they attempt to build their home under LEED Platinum Certified standards.



Devil's Courier posterDevil’s Couriers
– (USA) Comedy , RT 2:31 & 1:52
Director: Kovar McClure

When a retirement community is taken over by Hipsters on scooters, can the Devil’s Couriers Motorcycle Club restore order in Gobbler Creek?