Web Series Block 1 Live – UGPFF 13

Friday December 13th 2013
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST (GMT -5)

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Sebastián de Déjà Vu Serie Web

Deja Vu Web Series – (Columbia) Sci-Fi,Action RT 7:06 and 4:58
Director Juan Francisco Pérez Villalba

Deja Vu, tells the story of Sebastian, a young man who can see tragedies before they happen and therefore has the opportunity to change them.








Undead_Survival_posterUndead Survival
 – (USA) Comedy,Sci-Fi, Horror, RT 11:20
Director Michael Fitzer

Reality is dead when an ex-Special Forces survivalist, a has-been producer and an incompetent network television crew produce a weekly reality program in a world overrun by zombies and cannibalistic TV executives.








Louis LaFluer's imageLouie LaFleur’s Night Terrors – The Potion
 – (USA) Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatural RT 9:45
Director: Louie LaFleur

A dying man revisits night terrors from his past.









Merkin Penal –  (USA) Comedy RT 23:10
Director: Mitch Rouse

A wrongly accused man finds himself in a private prison.
— ‘Merkin Penal’ is like ‘Oz,’ only funnier.


















coffeeshopMaya screen grabCoffee Shop Squatters – (USA) Comedy RT 2:49 & 3:56
Directors:  Edward Beasley

Have you ever noticed those people in the coffee shop who write on their laptops, don’t order anything, and overuse the wifi? This series is about two writers, their manager, and the coffee shop owner trying not to kill them.





Proyecto Laburo – (Argentina) Documentary, RT 3:37
Director: Diego Contreras

Proyecto laburo is a web documentary series about people and their work. It seeks to come face to face with the different ways of making a living and the stories that come out of them.








LOTL-Poster-Ali-smallLaw of the Land
– (USA) Comedy , RT 10:16
Director: David Avallone

CIA Operative Phoebe Quackenberry and her team have learned that a group of Bahamian terrorists are planning an attack on the Hatchet Body Spray Factory. Phoebe will do anything, or anyone to stop them.