Using a casting director for your next film project

Have you spent endless hours auditioning actors from an open call listing you placed on craigslist only to find out the talent was a bad choice for the role after all?  You have  not been the first – nor will you be the last – director or producer to do so.

Choosing the right talent is not always as easy as it seems.  There are many things to consider that don’t always appear so obvious at first. What will entice a desirable actor to take on a role in your small low-budget indy film?   Is this the kind of movie that will help the actors career?

As part of an ongoing event that helps bring filmmakers and people involved in the movie making process together, Blind Lyle Films will be presenting another “Google Plus Filmmaker Hangout” with a live discussion about using a casting director for your next project.  Our special guest for this event will be casting director, Bonnie Gillespie.

We will talk with actors, producers, and directors, on what it is like to use a casting director and what to do as an actor when working with a casting director.

All of our Google Plus FILMMAKERS hangout events are set up so that you can either attend the hangout, or ask questions via comments on youtube were we will stream “live” via “Hangout OnAir” so everyone who wishes to can participate and ask questions about securing the right actors for your film. The events will also be recorded and posted on youtube for future viewing and sharing.

The Hangout OnAir embeded video will be posted on this blog post once it is live.

If you would like to be one of the featured speakers, contact us directly. You will need to have a Google+ account to be a featured speaker.

More information here.

________________________________________________________________________________________Jaime Byrd is an award winning producer, director, DP, and editor for Blind Lyle Films.  She studied Fine Arts and Music at California State University of Los Angeles.

She has produced, directed, shot, and/or edited multiple shorts, feature films, TV pilots,  several award winning commercials, an award winning web series, multiple documentaries, and music videos.

She produced the TV pilot show “Talker” (featuring Jay Thomas, Tim Matheson, and Sharon Lawrence), which won best actor, best director, and best comedy at the 2011 International TV awards in Los Angeles.

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