Film Block 4

Friday Saturday 15th 2014 10:00 pm – 12:00 am EST (GMT -5) Live Online & Hollywood, Florida (USA)

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  noka2Noka Keeper of Worlds– (USA) Narrative, RT 19:04

Director Shaun Escayg

Eight-year-old Gabriel has been treated for a rare form of schizophrenia all his life; a disease he inherited from his recently deceased grandfather. While attending his grandfather’s funeral, Gabriel encounters an old “friend of the family” who claims Gabriel and his grandfather weren’t sick at all but are instead gatekeepers for an unseen supernatural realm. Gabriel must abandon all he knows and loves to fulfill his purpose, his legacy, as a NOKA.


minimum-max-posterMinimum Max – (USA) -Narrative  RT 3:09

Director Joshua Ovalle

High school student, Max, suffers from severe ADHD and must navigate through the complex decisions of how best to live with this frustrating condition. 






The-Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-ThumbnailThe Itsy Bitsy Spider – (USA) Narrative (Horror/Suspense) RT 6:24

Director: Jordan Stauber

A detour in the mountains leads to an unexpected surprise.




Maya screen grab


Dirty Bill Of Health  – (USA) Narrative RT 12:45

Directors:  Rob Carpenter

A stranger on a road trip stops in for a random medical check up looking for everything but a clean bill of health.









najesNajes (The Unclean) – (Iran) Narrative  RT 19:06

Director Bahram & Bahmen Hajabollou ( ARK )

film is about a Moslem man who hits a dog and since dog is believed as unclean so he is in doubts whether to take care of it or to abandon it?









Perfect-Girl-Poster-CleanPerfect Girl Series Episode 1-2 – (Singapore) Web Series, RT 21:41

Director: Jason Chan & Christian Lee

Fate sometimes needs a little help with probability.









tpiposterThe Power Inside Episodes 1 – 3 – (USA) Web Series, RT 20:14

Director: Will Speck & Josh Gordon

The Power Inside is the story of an alien invasion of moustaches. The aliens disguise themselves as facial hair in order to infest and take over the world. What is unique about the film is that the audience can audition to be in the film. The audience is given a choice to join the fight and take a side, Guardians or Uricks, who will save the earth, or destroy it.








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