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Friday November 14th 2014 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST (GMT -5) /
Saturday November 15, 2014 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (GMT +13)

Live Wellington, New Zealand & Asheville, NC (USA)

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SavingH2O_PosterSaving H20 – (USA/New Zealand) Scifi, RT 7:56

Director Charlie Lehmer

A scifi film about a two people struggling to find purpose in a polluted post-apocalyptic world.









park51 posterPark 51 – (USA) Narrative  RT 20:48
Director Christopher Capelluto

A struggling Iraq War veteran saves the life of a Muslim man from a hate crime in New York City. 









KurtDettbarn8Sad Monster – (Canada) Narrative RT 6:47
Director: Kurt Dettbarn

A coming of age story every monster should fear. Sweet little Maja banishes Sad Monster from her forcing him to venture into the outside world for the first time and find purpose in his life.









Maya screen grabAfiche Ombligados en JurubiráOmbligados en Jurubira – (Columbia) Documentary RT 7:57
Directors:  Juan Manuel Vásquez / Juan Camilo García

Every navel has its power. Every man has its tree










Maya screen grabadayinthesun
A Day In The Sun
 – (USA) Documentary RT 12:39
Directors:  Nerina Penzhorn

A Day In the Sun’ takes a poetic look at the stories behind the headlines of South African tabloid newspaper the Daily Sun. The film contrasts the often flippant headlines with the hardship that the subjects of Daily Sun stories experience and shows the detrimental effect that reporting on the suffering of others has on Daily Sun journalists.




Maya screen grabHighHeelsAndHoodoo_posterHigh Heels & Hoodoo – (USA) Narrative RT 8:03
Directors:  Brian Rish

A greedy party girl is so determined to get what she wants that she employs the dangerous magic of a Gullah root doctor.










Whatever, Linda LOGO jpeg

Whatever Linda Episodes 1 – (Canada) Web Series

Director: Matt Eastman

What if it wasn’t Bernie Madoff who embezzled billions in a decades-long Ponzi scheme but his cunning, attractive secretaries? Whatever, Linda is a ten-part, darkly funny, digital dramedy inspired by the ‘real’ story behind the epic rise and fall of the largest financial fraud in history. 



PeacekeepersPeacekeepers  Episode 1– (USA) Web Series, RT 15:49
Director: Charlie Reeves

A group of assistants in New York City get texts about grisly accidents to be prevented before they occur – car crashes, lion pit mishaps, jumpers on the Queensboro bridge, etc etc. It’s a tough job, but what would YOU do if you got texts from God?








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