Screenwriting Panel

Saturday December 14th 2013
11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST (GMT -5)

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COREY MANDELL (via Los Angeles, CA. USA)

corey photo

Corey Mandell is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who has written projects for Ridley Scott, Wolfgang Petersen, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Julia Roberts, Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Family, Working Title, Paramount, Live Planet, Beacon Films, Touchstone, Trilogy, Radiant, Kopelson Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures.

Corey is also a distinguished instructor at UCLA, where he earned his MFA. His students have gone on to sell or option scripts to Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney, Fox, Fox 2000, MGM, Universal, Warner Brothers, Showtime, USA Network and Lifetime. Others have gained admission to the USC and UCLA Graduate Screenwriting Programs, the AFI Conservatory Screenwriting Program and Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. He is also a mentor for Film Independent’s screenwriting lab.




MIKE WOLLAEGER (via Los Angeles, CA. USA)

Mike began writing for television in 1996 when he joined the staff of The X-Files. Since then he has written for kids (Animorphs, Goosebumps), and geeks (Star Trek: VoyagerXena), and 11 people in Ohio (Strange World), among other projects.

Mike’s short films have played at HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival and theMontréal Comedy Festival. They have also won major prizes such as the Gran Prix at the Festival International des Très Courts, and cool but poorly worded prizes such as The-festival-director’s-favorite-short-film-since-the-festival-began-five-years-ago at Ireland’s Cat Laughs Comedy Festival.

Mike has also written & directed many stage productions, including Lather, Rinse, Repeat, a two-woman sketch show which played in several cities around the country.

He has never worked at Starbucks, and holds several embarrassing sports records at Yale and in the State of California.

Mike works as a story coach and consultant in the Los Angeles area.