Short Film Block #5

Live Events In Seattle, Tijuana & Los Angeles, CA

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slapSlap – (USA) Comedy RT 7:05
Director Grant Barbeito

In a garage somewhere in America, two regular guys take a break to discuss world events – and it quickly becomes apparent that they will never see eye to eye.







undergodUnderGod – (USA) Drama RT 20:13
Director Shaan Dimri

Deep within enemy territory, on assignment to locate and destroy a high level militia training compound, a group of 3 U.S. soldiers will test their loyalty, sanity, and endurance before they face life or death.





Humanexus – (Taiwan) Animated Short RT 5:45
Director: Ying-Fang Shen

Tools and technologies have made interpersonal connections easier to reach out and share ideas, but each presents a new, unforeseen challenge. We must always ask: “Is this what we want? What do we want?”









Pelle_Plutt_Image_966x404Lenny Lump –  (Sweden) Horror, Comedy RT 2:43
Director: Per von Koch

Based on a 200 year old Swedish nursery rhyme that we tell our kids. The rhyme has only 19 words and is about a man that somehow looses his toe in the woods. This film goes explains it all.



Maya screen grabelevator-pitchThe Elevator Pitch – (UK) Comedy RT 2:45
Directors:  Simon Ryninks

A fourth-wall breaking trip through the film industry, featuring a plucky intern struggling to get to the top…




A Ghost Within Promo StillA Ghost Within – (Canada) Drama, Thriller, RT 14:33
Director: Daniel Berezowsky

A heart-broken young man living on the outskirts of a small town struggles to convince a devastated family of his innocence in their daughter’s death.






Girl-At-The-DoorKristen-RenGirl At The Door – (USA) Horror, Thriller, RT 11:10
Director: Colin Campbell

After a night of intense sex with a beautiful woman, Jake wakes to find himself trapped in a terrifying situation. The horror version of Groundhog’s Day.








PRACTICAL THINGS – (USA)  Romance, LGBT,  RT 14:56Director: Kris Boustedt & Lindy Boustedt

On her first day at a new school, Abby finds more than just her locker. A short film about memory, first love, superglue and Robert Frost.

“Showcasing beautiful cinematography and a brilliant chemistry between the two lead actresses, Practical Things is a charming gem that shouldn’t be missed.” (The LGBT Update)



tashaTasha And Friends – (Canada) Horror, Comedy, RT 14:14
Director: Greg Kovacs

Local children’s show host, Tasha, decides to shut the show down. Her puppet co-stars, however, want to shut her down…permanently.