Short Film Block #2

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00c6_still3_1000x600Short Film Block 2 – Live in Singapore

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00c6_still3_1000x60000c6 – (Singapore) Sci-fi, Experimental,
RT 15:40  Director:  Marco Sparmberg  

A post-apocalyptic Jungle SciFi short film from Hong Kong about China’s ongoing Gendercide crisis.








My Revolutionary Mother MRM Poster111613My Revolutionary Mother – (USA) Documentary RT 25:00
Director Jethro Patalinghug

In his need for self-identity, Jethro Patalinghug, a filmmaker, confronts his mother Virginia Patalinghug, a former political activist in the Philippines, about his feelings of abandonment as a child.






sunshineSunshine– (Singapore) Narrative RT 15:50
Director Jacky Lee

An illegal teenage taxi driver had the night of his life when he was forced to pick up a passenger from hell, a runaway teenage girl.






the snow_214x317The Snow – (South Korea) Animation RT 14:10
Director: Sung Im Kim

An avalanche struck a remote village, a grandpa and son lived and a dog saved their lives.











the-guestTHE GUEST – (UK) Horror, Supernatural, RT  11:57
Director: Eric Woods

When a guest arrives at a haunted lodge for the night he is unnerved by the icy reception from the female owner. Clearly concerned about the mysterious contents of his closely guarded briefcase he prepares for bed, unaware he will be besieged by the lodge’s dark secrets.







Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 4.20.11 PMSleep – (Canada) Horror, Thriller,  RT 3:56
Director:  Michael Clowater

A man wakes in the middle of the night to a sound outside his bedroom door. But when he gets up to investigate the intruder he finds is not what he expected.







∂ت≠∂Ã∆¨-»Î—ßøº ‘-æÁ’’015Entrance exam – (China) Animation,  RT 7:00
Director: Boqing Tang

3D computer animation about  three little mice struggle to get through the entrance exam of a Taoism school .