Film Block 1 Live – UGPFF 13

 Saturday December 14th 2013
1:30 am – 3:30 am EST (GMT -5)
Live Wellington, New Zealand

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Spirits of the Past still

Spirits of the Past – (UK) Comedy, Supernatural RT 14:08
Director Declan Dineen

A group of old pals get together online to try and reconcile two former friends who haven’t spoken since their last day of university. Things get a bit weird.



The WELL-POSTERThe Well – (USA) Animation RT 4:22
Director Alex Kamer 

The Well is a stop-motion animated film about a young girl who falls in a well, and the old man who tries to save her.






American-sock2American Sock – (USA) comedy RT 7:09
Director: Jeffrey Brown

When a girl contacts her dream man that she met on a dating site she finds out that he is not the man she thought he was; in fact, he is not a man at all. He is a sock puppet.





Compensation –  (USA) Drama RT 13:53
Director: Tim Gehling

When Patrick’s car breaks down, no one returns his call for help – except his bitter-hearted ex, Sara, who agrees to get him a mechanic – in exchange for a favor.






Maya screen grabMaya-screen-grabMaya – (New Zealand) Drama RT 9:05
Directors:  Bryn Fenemor and Ellice Wright

Ron holds power over Maya through strength and basic needs such as food and shelter. Yet Maya holds a small amount of power through her ability to sew.






El Mirage Man – (USA) Documentary short, RT 3:47
Director: Stephen French

A man is coming to term’s with both who and where he is in his life, but is unable to fully leave behind the past and the isolation of the desert.








PosterHeartbeats of Fiji – (USA) Documentary short, RT 10:00
Director: Jon Kasbe

From separate islands, yet connected through music, Ben and Masi cross paths at Fiji’s Beat Making Lab.  By building studios around the world, the Beat Making Lab believes music can transform individuals and communities.




Frames-of-reference2Frames of Reference – (USA) Alternative, Drama,  RT 8:34
Director: Scott Leiserson

A young man attempts to navigate himself through his internal thoughts and emotions that he cannot fully grasp. He tries to turn a blind eye to the reality of his situation, but he is unsuccessful as the truth finally begins to flood and take over his mind.



Vanished#5VANISHED – (USA) Thriller, Action, RT 11:20
Director: Simon Beckman

After a top secret research facility has been attacked a hard nosed investigator presses hard on the lone survivor to avoid an even greater disaster.