Film Block 6 Live – UGPFF 13

Sunday December 15th 2013
11:00 am – 1:00 pm EST (GMT -5)

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Stop Still 2

Stop– (UK) Drama  RT 13:30
Director Paul Murphy 

A chance bus stop encounter between Karen, a shy, introverted woman and Niki, a loud, over-confident teenage girl takes a deeper turn, when personal secrets are inadvertently revealed, and confessions take the place of pleasantries.

inside-eyeAghavizhi (The inside eye)– (India) Drama RT 24:09
Director Gopakumar TV 

Some reveries come true. As do some terrors. Some of those visions are actually camouflagic; misleading us to believe they’re something that they really are not. They have this strange and uncanny ability to blend in with the present. The conscious and the subconscious go hand in hand, successfully blurring the lines between the two. It’s up to you to decide when to wake up.



Honeymooners – (UK) comedy RT 9:20
Director: Nate Edelman

A young Irish couple on their honeymoon in Los Angeles have to make some difficult decisions after committing the worst sin of them all, murder.












Sticks and Stones –  (USA) Drama RT 13:53

Director: Chloe Dahl

This is a true story about a fourteen year-old girl named Emma. Just like any other girl, Emma has a crush; only this crush is on a girl named Alice.





Nazia MakeupMaya screen grabMake Ups – (India) Drama / Experimental RT 9:00
Directors:  Jehangir Jani

Make Ups is a day’s collage of an aging schizoid- paranoid actress, a gay typist at the dead end of his career and a prostitute who loves her work in spite of the sleaze. They all search for their utopias in spite of mundane lives in Mumbai.






Katya-&-The-Scarlet-SailsKatya & The Scarlet Sails – (USA) Fantasy, Romance, RT 12:58
Director: Vika Evdokimenko

After years of bad luck in love Katya realises the source of her problems might be her favourite Soviet film,  a tale about the perils of being an old fashioned romantic…





MegaBear_1_LargeThe Mega Plush – (USA) Animation, RT 10:00
Director: Matt Burniston

In the shadows of a gritty underworld, a war is brewing. Who has the stuffing to survive?