This page has all the information that you need all in one place.  I will update this page regularly to keep you all informed.
Please do not share this page with anyone accept people in the festival.

The hangout invitation for your Q&A sessions or film panels.
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The latest live stream to watch any of the events:

The VIP Hangout:
Link will be posted daily
This is a private hangout for the filmmakers who are accepted into the festival.  This is a great place for all of us to network throughout the festival.

The Film Festival Lounge:
Link will be posted daily
This is a PUBLIC hangout for anyone to attend.  This is for filmmakers, film fans, and anyone else.  We encourage you to drop in throughout the day, promote your film and network with people.

Adam’s emergency contacts:
1. Try starting a chat with
2. Try texting 323-418-2326
3. Try calling 323-418-2326 (I may return the call from 828-628-0151 but I won’t answer that phone).
4. Try emailing Adam at