FAQ for Live Events

1. Who can host a live event?

Anyone can hold a live event.  We only have limited space available in our hangouts so priority is given to our filmmakers.  If there are extra spaces available, you could be invited with your audience to join us.  Please fill out this information form and we’ll do our best to invite you in.  If we can’t do it this year, we will certainly contact you again next year (with a lot more time to plan).


2. This sounds complicated, what do I need to do this?

This is actually much easier than you think.  All you need is the following.

  • Google+ profile
  • High speed internet, preferably with an ethernet connection as sometime wifi will drop the hangout.
  • A venue where you can host people.  Think gallery, event space, bar, theater, auditorium, classroom, outdoor screen, rooftop, etc.
  • A laptop where you can join a hangout.
  • An extra set of computer speakers to connect to that laptop.
  • A way to mirror that laptop to a projector or large screen TV.  An hdmi cable, Apple TV, Chromecast all will work.
  • A host to join the hangout and help us interact with your audience.
  • An audience.

More detailed information on this below.

  • Install this plugin on the computer you plan on using for the event.  You will need a web camera.  An HD camera is preferred but not necessary.  You can also use an tablet, or smartphone.  You will just need to install the Google+ App and try joining or creating a Google+ hangout from that device.
  • Try a Google+ hangout on your own prior to the event. Headphones with a microphone work best to avoid any sound issues.  Getting comfortable with Google+ Hangouts is a good idea.
  • Approximately 30 minutes prior to your premier, if you are invited to be part of our live event, you will get both an email and Google+ notification to join the hangout.  Please be looking for that message and be on time.
  • Join the hangout for the brief introduction of the film block.
  • Right before the films play, we will ask the filmmakers and other venues to leave the hangout.  You can then watch the films live with the world at following link.  You may also be given a special download link to play the film block from your venue.
  • Approximately 90 minutes after you leave the hangout, look for another email asking you to rejoin the hangout.  You can rejoin during the film credits of the final film.  (Your original email message link will work for this).
  • When prompted, un-mute your microphone.  (You will be reminded of this on this during the event).
  • Our live Q&A session with filmmakers from all the world will begin.  This will last approximately 30 minutes.

3. Where are the live events going to be held?

Please visit this page for a list of current events.

In 2013 we had events in the following locations:


4. What are the specifics for the event?

Below is the very basic outline.  More specific instructions are below the bulleted points.

  • All participants and venues will join the hangout privately 30 minutes before the event starts.
  • Introduction via Hangouts on air – about 5 minutes
  • Film Blocks – Adam will be switching the films from his end – about 90 minutes
  • Q&A Session with Filmmakers – Hangout on air – about 30 minutes
  • End

You will be sent the movie block(s) to download prior to the event.  You will want to check this file and make sure it plays well with both audio and video beforehand.

When the live event is ready to start, Adam will announce that we are preparing to go live.  At this point our host will make some very brief introductions.

Adam will then switch the broadcast to the films.  This is when you will want to switch your projector to play your films locally.  He may ask you to leave the hangout and join again at the closing credit approximately 90 minutes into the film block.  You will receive an email when it is safe to come back in.  Adam will make this announcement during our pre-meeting time if this applies.

The Q&A session will be approximately 30 minutes in length.

At the end of the session, our host will close the event and you are welcome to continue networking with your guests.


5. HELP, How do I get in contact with someone to help?

First email Adam.  If you need an immediate response, you may call him at either

323-418-2326 or an alternate number is 828-628-0151