Special Screening Friday Block 2

Live at the Stones Entertainment Center, Kuta, Bali 
Friday September 18th 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm WITA (GMT +8)


 – (USA Narrative, RT 14:40fish

Director Shaun Escayg

Two homeless cousins desperately try to survive the streets of Port-Of Spain Trinidad. Thieves, by street credit, they routinely hunt the local market in search of unsuspecting shoppers but times are getting harder and the pickings slim. Will fortune favor the brave? Or will their desperate actions lead to their demise.



Sebastian's VoodooSebastian’s Voodoo – (USA) Animated  RT 4:08

Director Joaquin Baldwin

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.










No Where, No One – (Australia) Drama, Alternative, RT 8:32

Director:  Erin Collett

No Where, No One’ is a film that relives the final moments of a dying man whose loss and isolation have driven him to commit the crime that will ultimately cost him his life.







Pelle_Plutt_Image_966x404Lenny Lump –  (Sweden) Horror, Comedy RT 2:43
Director: Per von Koch

Based on a 200 year old Swedish nursery rhyme that we tell our kids. The rhyme has only 19 words and is about a man that somehow looses his toe in the woods. This film goes explains it all.



CG-POSTER-FINAL-PrintCafe Glass– (USA) Narrative, RT 9:15

Director: Wen Ren

In a future augmented by wearable tech and online dating, a student must risk offline dating to connect with a mysterious girl due to a failed network.








KIRYU_A3posterKI.RYU – (Japan) Narrative, RT 16:38

Director Shinya Kawakami

A dragon was randomly witnessed several times in the city of Kiryu, Gunma pref., the suburb of Tokyo.









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