Film Block 7 Live – UGPFF 13

Sunday December 15th 2013
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST (GMT -5)

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No Where, No One – (Australia) Drama, Alternative, RT 8:32

Director:  Erin Collett

No Where, No One’ is a film that relives the final moments of a dying man whose loss and isolation have driven him to commit the crime that will ultimately cost him his life.










3 Rules – (Germany) Comedy, thriller,  RT 12:34

Director: Christoph Drobig

3 Rules is an interactive short film from Germany, which is about Chris and Max and the first deal of their life.







Flyelyfe NYC – (USA) Documentary short, RT 15:19

Director:  Jack Stannard

His art is his life, and the subway is his platform. Don’t reach high, FLYE.

Flyelyfe NYC (Trailer) from Jack Stannard on Vimeo.






A Ride Towards The Sea – (France) Animation, RT 3:26

Director:  Damien Stein

A small animated character crosses town to free his goldfish








The Car Blows the Horn Just for Women posteryellowThe Car Honks For The Women – (Iran) Drama, RT 15:49

Director:  Amir Masoud Soheili

A salacious woman who considers suicide, finds herself suddenly in an old man’s car only to discover her life has truly gone in another direction all together.





cherry-pickingCherry Picking – (Ireland) Comedy,  RT 4:17

Director:  Amy Driver

A trip to the dentist becomes a date to remember.








ATM_1000x1414ATM – (Italy) Comedy, RT 22:10

Director: Emilio Bellu

When Connor becomes a viral video star, he tries to use his fame to change his life; but he soon learns that fame is not good friends with happiness.

ATM Trailer from Emilio Bellu on Vimeo.