1. When is the festival?

The Festival is Friday September 18 – Sunday September 20, 2015

Schedule of events will be listed closer to the dates of the festival.  Make sure to sign up on our email list to be notified of all the latest information.


2. When is the deadline to apply?

The deadlines for 2015 are as follows:
Early Bird Deadline  –   April 21, 2015 – $30
Regular Deadline    –    July 15, 2015   – $40
Late Deadline        –      July 29, 2015 – $45
Final Deadline      –     August 5, 2015 – $55


3. Who can submit?

Any filmmaker that owns ALL the rights to their film may submit for consideration to the film festival.  The film must not be longer than 25 minutes long.  They must have English subtitles if the primary language isn’t English.

We will be showing the films live during the event and will record the event so others can see it in the future.

You must own all the rights to the film so everyone is happy. We may consider posting your film on our website in the festival archives if you give us permission to do so.


4. How do I apply?

Visit our submission page here.


5. Do I still have the rights to my film?

YES, we are asking for non-exclusive rights to your film.  You can still do whatever you like with your film!


6. How long can my film be?

25 minutes or less.
For web series, you can submit any episode under 25 minutes for consideration. Submit your best or first episode so we can an idea of what your show is about. Your entire season can be longer than 25 minutes to qualify. If your web series is selected we will show anywhere between 1 and 3 episodes depending on our programming needs.


7. How many films can I submit?

You may submit one film per submission fee.  There is no limit.
For web series, you only need to submit one episode per web series but make sure it is your best episode.


8. What type of films can I submit?

We are looking for any short film and web series less than 25 minutes that tells a compelling story and is entertaining.  Our judges will be viewing the films and make their decisions based on a number of factors including production value, story, music, acting, and all the great things that make us all love movies.  This includes Documentary Shorts, Narrative Shorts, Animation, and Web Series.

At this time we are accepting anything produced after Jan. 1, 2009 will be considered.


9. Why would I want to apply?

You get to participate in the future of film festivals today.  We are striving to become the world’s largest short film festival.

In addition, we are giving filmmakers an opportunity to create a local showcase in their home town.  This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and your audience.

In addition, this is a great chance to get your film seen in front of a wide, international, and very attentive audience.  The traditional film festival often has your film showing to just a few scattered people and many times the filmmaker can’t attend.  Since this film festival is online, filmmakers have an opportunity to reach their audience and INTERACT, just like you would if you were attending a film festival in a theater.

Our goal is to create the best film festival experience for the most people and recreate the many great things that we all love about film festivals.


10. Where is the festival?

The festival will take place online.  In addition, there will be a physical showing at various venues all over the world. Confirmed locations for 2015:

  • Bali, Indonesia

All the films will be shown live to an audience who can then interact with the filmmakers who will be present in what is called a Google+ “Hangout”.  All this happens with the creative tools made available to us for free on Google+.  The audience will first watch a block of films lasting approximately 90 minutes which is then followed by a brief Q&A session with filmmakers.  The audience will be able to chat their questions directly to the filmmakers who are attending live.

Anyone with an internet connect can view the films when the festival starts on September 18, 2015.  They will be able to watch the films either on a streamed Hangout On Air on Youtube, Google+, an embedded link on this website, or a Facebook event.


11. Can I apply to other film festivals?

YES!  Since your film won’t be online until the festival, you can qualify for any and all festivals that we are aware of.  Check with each individual festival you are submitting to since every festival has different requirements.


12. When is the notification date?

Notification will be on or before September 1, 2015 – A select number of filmmakers will be selected early to encourage the creation of local events.


13. Do I need to have a Google+ Account to apply?

No, you can now participate in the festival without a Google+ account.


14.  This is the coolest thing since NLE software, DSLR cameras, and sliced white bread, how can I get involved?

We are actively seeking sponsors and businesses that would like to get involved.  If you have something that you think might be make this an even better festival you may contact
Adam J. Cohen through his Google+ profile
Find Adam J. Cohen on Twitter.
If you really need to talk with him, call 323-418-2326.


15.  Can I host an event in my home town?

Absolutely!  Anyone, anywhere in the world can create a live event.  This is a great opportunity to network with your local filmmaking community.  Fill out this information form and we will get back to you on how you can be part of this festival and connect your town to the rest of the world!


16  I submitted my web series last year, can I re-submit for consideration?

If your web series was not accepted last year, you can re-submit a different episode for consideration.

17  Do you have any testimonials from past sponsors, filmmakers, and hosts?

  • Corey Mandell (Panelist)- “THANK YOU so much for letting me do this — it was a blast!  Would love to do it again next year if you’d have me back.”
  • Drake C Chandler (Filmmaker) – “I just wanted to say thank you for such a great festival”
  • Juan Francisco Perez Villalba (Filmmaker) – Deja Vu Web Series – “We are so proud, we want to thanks to all the people who worked in the festival, it was a really good experience for us to be part of it.
  • Mark Gantt  – Creator of The Bannan Way (Filmmaker and Host) – “It was a great experience for me all around.”
  • Mike Tringe – Creator Up (Sponsor and Panelist) – “you did an incredible job of making it all an awesome experience for all involved.  We are very grateful to you and supportive of the philosophy and the community you’re building around film and filmmakers on Google+.  What incredible films and web series — and insightful panels and conversations in the marketplace.  I wanted to share a conversation I had with Nass from Jordan who makes incredible FX — we talked all about Freddie Wong — and I was able to encourage him to make his own projects and connect with a film community in Jordan through our USC teacher friend who works there.  Thanks again.”
  • Viko Evdokimenko (Filmmaker) – Katya and the Scarlet Sails – “thank  you very much for organizing such a fantastic festival and giving me a chance to screen Katya & The Scarlet Sails.”
  • Damian Benders (Sponsor) – Senior VP Programming and Marketing SnagFilms – “Really liked the UGPFF web series block!  Very impressed with the work.”
  • Lincoln Bandlow from Lanthrop & Gage LLP (Panelist) – “Thanks to everyone for a great panel. Anytime!”
  • Carrie Preston (Filmmaker and Host)- “It was totally my pleasure. I had a great time. I really enjoyed the web series event, in particular. And thanks again for the hookup with Snag Films!”