FAQ for Participating Filmmakers

1. How do I know what time my film premiers?

You should receive an email telling you what film block your film or web series is located in.  (i.e. Film Block 7).

Each block has a premier time.  That is when your film will be shown live to the world.  We did our best to try to accommodate to everyone’s time zone and still create an assortment of films that played well together.

Click on the starting time for your film block and you should automatically see it converted to your local time zone.

  • Visit Film Block 1 web page.
  • Click the beginning time at the top of that page. A new link should automatically open converting your time.

Any questions, feel free to contact Adam at the following email address:

  • submissions   (a    t}  u g  p  f  f {dot) com or 323-418- two, three, two, six

2. How do I participate in the live event?

We encourage every filmmaker to bring as many cast and crew members with them to either a live event in your city, or invite them to your home, or even create a satellite event where you live.  (If you want to create a satellite event, I can instruct you on the technical requirements, contact me at the address above).

  • Send me the email addresses of all the people that you want to join the Q&A session.  Each person will get an email invite approximately one hour after the start of the event.  If you are going to have several people physically at the same event, I only need the email address of the one main contact. This is who will get the email invite for the Google+ Hangout.  (We have limited spaces available so we will do our best to accommodate everyone).
  • Install this plugin on the computer you plan on using for the event.  You will need a web camera.  An HD camera is preferred but not necessary.  You can also use an tablet, or smartphone.  You will just need to install the Google+ App and try joining or creating a Google+ hangout from that device.
  • Try a Google+ hangout on your own prior to the event. Headphones with a microphone work best to avoid any sound issues.  Getting comfortable with Google+ Hangouts is a good idea.
  • Our live Q&A session with filmmakers from all the world will begin.  This will last approximately 30 minutes. Your invitation to join this hangout will begin approximately 30 minutes AFTER the start of the films.

3. Help, I can’t join the hangout?

Did you receive the email with the link to the hangout?  If not, check your spam folder.

Are you having trouble accepting the terms on the welcome page?  You should see a box that you must check and also click the button that says JOIN.  If you don’t see that button, try the following.

In Chrome, go to view and then enter presentation mode.
In Firefox go to view and then enter full screen.
In Safari try either Chrome or Firefox and try one of the fixes above.

Still need help, try calling Adam at 323-418-2326

4. I have other questions, how do I get in contact with you?

Any questions, feel free to contact Adam at the following email address

  • submissions     (a    t}  u g  p  f  f {dot) com or 323-418- two, three, two, six


5. Where can people watch the festival?

The festival will take place online. Send people to watch the film on our web site

6. Where can I download festival laurels?

You can download laurels at this link.